I Cheated on My Cuckold Boyfriend With 3 Guys Today

So I turn 19 tomorrow (so I’m 18 years old). I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months. He’s 24 and has know my stepbrother for almost 3 years. My stepmom also knows him pretty well.

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My biological brother has only know him for about 8 months. My bros play soccer with him. My bros made him promise he wouldn’t do anything with him. So last night, my boyfriend and I were making out at a party, and things got super hot. I could feel his cock lol. He did unhook my bra and yeaaaa lol, but before things got too far, he pushed off me and said its too early in our relationship to fool around and then since he had a soccer tournament early today, he left the party at 10 pm after making sure I had a ride.

After he left, this guy comes up to me and asks if I wanna get with him. Being stupid and because he was hot, I went upstairs with him and his friend and we made out.  and I ended up having sex with them.  I mean, blowjobs, anal sex, etc. I went totally crazy fucking all night.

They invited one more guy so my pussy and ass were like..omg…It was the biggest mistake of my life. One of the guys took a video of me having sex with the other. I know I’m a stupid slut and don’t deserve happiness…but the true is…i liked to be fucked like that.

I’m a cheater and I like it. My bf is a cuckold now lol


My question is how do I explain this to my cuckold bf?? He might find out on his own. I’m so upset and I wish I could change everything. Also if my bf knows then my brothers will know too. I have 1 biological brother, 2 stepbros, and 1 step cousin that play soccer with him….

cheaters GF exposed
cheater GF exposed video by cuckold












Minutes ago my (ex) boyfriend now uploaded the video a few hours ago to many sites as revenge. I hate him. Everybody saw it.

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