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Derek meet his ex girlfriend at one of the
county fairs near his home, one summer.
She was drunk-dancing to some live cover band,
and he was getting shitfaced with his buddies in the beer garden.
It was a real “Cinderella” story, except, before the end of the night,
she was going-down on him in the front seat of his truck.
That part, I don’t remember being in “Cinderella”.

The irony of the story is that he caught her girlfriend going-down
on another dude, in his car, while drunk at a county fair,
the very next summer.

Needless to say, he walked away from her that night,
but she cried so bad and begged for a forgiveness.
He just forgiven her and gave another chance…
the girl was happy and promised to not do such thing again!

Anyway, they broke up just a few weeks ago, cause he find
his Cinderella girl sexting with his best friend.
Great, no best friend and no girlfriend.
Nice way to star this new year!

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