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Hello GFpics.com  followers, my name is Jack and this is my history: back about 5 years, I was 19 and I went to the movies with my now ex girlfriend, her name was Nancy, hot as fuck….. anyways, earlier the week she was saying to me how bad she wanted my cock, so I was like hell yeah! we went to the movies, can’t remember the movie now but i think it was superman. Coincidentally there was NO ONE in the movie theatre at all… yay! about half way through the movie, she got down, and gave me the nicest fucking slow handjob and blowjob… she said it was her first time, man.. tongue and everything, swallowed all my cum… oh man. soo good…she was great sucking cock..


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And about two years later, summer after graduating high school, I went to this party, a pretty hot slut had her eyes on me the whole time.. i was pretty stoned and drunk but bored at the party. So i went outdoor by the poor and I saw her coming to me…i’m lookin at her like wtf?!? and she doesnt say one thing but just comes over… kneels down and pulls down my jeans (i remember  had an insta-boner lol) and just sucks me off?!? a great blowjob by the pool…and she swallowed too, finished got up. and left… I dont even know her name. best blowjob ever.


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Ex Girlfriend Revenge Blowjob Video

Ex Girlfriend Revenge Blowjob Video

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